The Tactics of Survival- Martial Arts for a Violent World – Seminar Package (1 adult)




The Tactics of Survival- Martial Arts for a Violent World Seminar Package (1adult)

Sunday July 28th 12:30pm to 7:00pm

Honolulu, Hawaii (Palama Settlement Gym)

May Sale Prices $60.00 – 1 Adult

June Sale Price $70.00 – 1 Adult

July Regular Price $80.00 – 1 Adult

Event Starts 12:30pm – Ends 7:00pm

3. Master Seminar #03

12:30pm to 2:00pm

Great Grand Master Rob Castro brings the Heat with his hardcore Shaolin Kenpo Tactics

  • Street Wise
  • Traditional Values
  • Timing the Strike
  • Knowing the Sweet Spot
  • Drills of the Shaolin
  • Multiple Attacks
  • Kenpo Kick Starts
  • Breaking the Normal Reaction time

4. Master Seminar #04

2:15pm to 3:45pm

Great Grand Master Ron Van Clief (The Black Dragon) and Sigung Mike Mather along with Sigung Ahmed N. Abu-Marzouq teach the ultimate ground game for the streets.

  • What is Ground Game
  • By the Numbers
  • Quick Down- Quick Up
  • Taking that deep dive
  • Locking things up
  • The Key Master
  • To Gi or Not to Gi- That is the question
  • Setting up for the fall
  • Choking for Fun
  • The Big Squeeze
  • Getting past the Guards
  • Stretching for the matt
  • Their is always a calm before the storm

5. Master Seminar #05

4:00pm to 5:30pm

Guro John Daniels and Grand Master Sonny Sison teach weapons tactics and the Filipino Fighting Arts

One Mind, Any Weapon

  • Improvised Weapons & Protections
  • The Power of Awareness
  • The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
  • The Art of the Umbrella
  • Magazine Roll of Defense
  • The Heel of Fortitude
  • Keys to Safety
  • The Bag of Holding
  • The Belt of Justice
  • Flashlight Beam of Hope
  • The Spirit of Improvisation

5:30pm to 7:00pm

Meet the Masters of the I.K.A –

The Grand Finale

The Islands Best Grand Masters All in One spot to share with you their Top Survival tactics.

  1. Senior Grand Master Al Dacascos

  2. Great Grand Master Al Dela Cruz

  3. Great Grand Master Sixto Ramos

  4. Great Grand Master Luka Ramos

  5. Grand Master Ron Van Clief

  6. Grand Master Eric Lee

  7. Master Sonny Papuaya

  8. Master Sonny Sison

  9. Guro John Daniels

  10. Master Jerry Weldon

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