Survival Series Advanced Courses

Survival Series

The International Kajukenbo Association “Survival Series”

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  1. Before the Bully (anti bullying beat sheet)
  2. Assessing the Sandbox (Everyday Threat Assessment)
  3. Triage & Trauma (Urban First Aid & CPR)
  4. Domestic Diligence (Domestic Violence Assessment & Action)
  5. In the Kill Zone (Leadership During an Attack)
  6. NBC Reality TV (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical & technical Attacks)
  7. Friendship & Survival (Team Survival Training)
  8. One Mind, Any Weapon (Improvised Weapons & Protections)
  9. The Monk follows the Warrior (Healing a Haunted Mind, PTSD and Trauma informed training)
  10. Active Shooter Assesment & Awareness

Written or Online Testing

At the conclusion of the course there is a mandatory written or online test which will be assessed and scored, compiled and delivered to the client upon completion with any other additional requested certificates of completion.

Individual & Organization Completion Certificates upon a passing grade

All passing grades have the opportunity for a hard copy certificate of completion upon request.

Annual Recertification Subscription (Reccomended)

The I.K.A revises and revamps their ACTIVE SHOOTER CERTIFICATION annually because threats evolve and so do we, inquire about subscribing to our annual recertification program.

Ten Courses that Cover Ten Topics for 100% Coverage

01 Before the Bully

  • Anti bullying beat sheet
  • Defining Aggression
  • Detaining Reactions
  • Regaining Power Positions
  • Clarifying the Cause
  • Keeping Secrets
  • Critical Distance
  • Chain of Command
  • A Spectrum of Colorful Characters
  • Unseen Battles
  • Words That Wound
  • Breaking the Cycle
  • The Beacon of Prevention
  • A World Reimagined

02 Assessing the Sandbox

  • Everyday Threat Assessment
  • The Power of Observation
  • Listening with Intent
  • Embracing the Present
  • The Dance of Anticipation
  • The Art of Adaptation
  • Building Connections
  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Cultivating Patience
  • Empowering Decisions
  • Continuous Learning

03 Triage & Trauma

  • Urban First Aid & CPR
  • The Heartbeat of Heroism
  • A Symphony of Preparedness
  • The Dance of the Quick Response
  • Echoes of Empowerment
  • The Canvas of Care
  • A Tapestry of Time
  • Whispers of Wisdom
  • The Beacon of Belief
  • Rivers of Readiness:
  • The Horizon of Humanity

04 Domestic Diligence

  • Domestic Violence Assessment & Action
  • A Spectrum of Shadows
  • Echoes of Silence
  • The Gendered Gale
  • The Roots Run Deep
  • A Cycle to Break
  • Empowerment is Key
  • Children in the Crossfire
  • Technology: A Double-Edged Sword
  • Community as a Fortress
  • Your Voice, Their Strength

05 In the Kill Zone

  • Leadership During an Attack
  • Anchor in Calm Waters
  • Chart the Course with a Plan
  • Signal Far and Wide
  • All Hands on Deck
  • Guard Your Treasure
  • Navigate with Compassion
  • Gather the Crew for Roll Call
  • Repair the Ship
  • Learn from the Voyage
  • Sing the Songs of Heroes

06 NBC Reality TV

  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical & technical Attacks
  • The Invisible Threats
  • The Cyber Shield
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Unity in Response
  • Healthcare Heroes
  • The Digital Fortress
  • Preparedness as a Lifestyle
  • The Ripple Effect
  • The Beacon of Education
  • The Future is Now

07 Friendship & Survival

  • Team Survival Training
  • The Power of Unity
  • Trust: The Invisible Glue
  • Diversity: The Palette of Genius
  • Communication: The Golden Thread
  • Adaptability: Dancing in the Rain
  • Resilience: The Phoenix Rising
  • Leadership: Guiding Stars
  • Goal Setting: Charting the Course
  • Celebration: The Joy of Achievement
  • Continuous Learning: The Journey Never Ends

08 One Mind, Any Weapon

  • Improvised Weapons & Protections
  • The Power of Awareness
  • The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
  • The Art of the Umbrella
  • Magazine Roll of Defense
  • The Heel of Fortitude
  • Keys to Safety
  • The Bag of Holding
  • The Belt of Justice
  • Flashlight Beam of Hope
  • The Spirit of Improvisation

09 The Monk follows the Warrior

  • Healing a Haunted Mind, PTSD and Trauma informed training
  • Understanding the Storm
  • The Fight or Flight Symphony
  • Re-experiencing the Waves
  • Navigating through Foggy Memories
  • The Compass of Trauma-Informed Care
  • Empowerment as the Anchor
  • The Power of Connection
  • Dismantling Stigmas with Awareness
  • The Role of Educators and Leaders
  • A Journey of Continuous Learning

10 Active Shooter Course

  • Assessment & Awareness
  • Embrace Awareness
  • The Power of Preparation:
  • Run, Hide, Fight
  • Communication is Key
  • The Strength of Community
  • Mental Fortitude
  • The Role of Empathy
  • Continuous Learning
  • Empowerment through Action
  • Hope as a Guiding Light

Bring our Experts to You

Experienced Instructors

Certified Instruction

  • All instructors are annually certified and tested for quality assurance.
  • All instructors pass a rigorous state, national and international background and reference check. 
  • All instructors pass an annual health screening.
  • Every instructor is trained in diversity awareness and are trained to be trauma informed.
  • Certified Instruction with integrity, knowledge and accountability

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