Tools of Destruction: Crowfoot Jeet Kune Do

Tools of Destruction

After working with patients in the blood-soaked trauma rooms of one of America’s busiest hospitals,
Guro John Bruce Daniels understands the meaning of “weapons of opportunity”.

On a daily basis, Guro Daniels saw the extreme damage everyday household tools such as hammers, scissors, crowbars, screwdrivers, and butcher knives could do to the human body.
A world-renowned practitioner and teacher of martial arts, Guro Daniels explains the circumstances and horrors suffered by trauma victims who have faced tools of destruction.
He then turns the tables and teaches YOU how to defend yourself with these same tools in a way that’s never been done before.

WARNING: This book on violent self-defense is not for children.

Author Guro John Daniels

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Readers LOVE this Book!

June 5.2023

Ive know Gero Daniels for many years. He’s my teacher, a great friend, and I consider him to be as my own brother. That said he’ll be the first to tell you, I am open and honst with my opinions. I tell things exactly as I see them. Rarely ever sugar coating them.

I’ve waited for this book for a few years, and I finally got the chance to buy and read it, a couple days ago. And keeping what I said above in mind; It is excellent as an introduction to weapons of oppertunity and useful adaptation, in the Filipino tradition. And it has insights only obtainable through great tribulations and heartache.

The book contains some techniques and solid recommendations; that are a good begining point for anyone trying to understand improvised self defense, with every day items and tools, when they are used against you. As well as having many stories that JD gained in his years as a member of a lift team in one of Portland Oregon’s most busy hospitals. On the many occasions where he saw the damage these improvised weapons can do to other human beings first hand.

They are stories that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. And can help you gain valuable insights into just what people are capable of, and the damage they can do when using such improvised weapons.

I hope this is just the first of many more of his books to come. As this book is well worth the purchase price, and the time requirement needed to read it.

Tom Grice
June 9.2023

John Daniels writes about his life in the Trauma Center at OHSU and relates the weapons he saw being used on his patients to the weapons and tactics he teaches his students. His heritage and life experience are told without holding back. This is not a kids book. Those of us with PTSD can really relate to his story. I am honored and privileged to be his great friend. The first picture is John before he retired from OHSU, and the second is him and I at his home in Dallas, Oregon.

May 21 2023

In my foolish youth (early 40’s) I was awarded a black belt by Guru John. Having just received his book, I have learned some things that are new to me. I just turned 70. As a former military medic, I have gained a whole new level of respect and appreciation for Guru John. I would recommend this book to any serious student of the martial arts. SFC Theodore Morford USAR Retired.

May 20.2023

Guro Daniels book is packed with practical self-defense techniques showing how the weapon concepts of the Filipino martial arts can be applied to every day objects. This book is much more than an instructional manual; it is filled with gritty stories of individuals who were attacked and defended themselves with a myriad of improvised weapons. No unrealistic fancy martial arts moves here; just straight forward effective self-defense concepts that can save your life.

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