Survival Series pt 10: Active Shooter Training

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Survival Series

Active Shooter Assessment and Awareness Course

IS-906/907 F.E.M.A and Homeland Security Protocol Complient

Clarifying the Chaos of a Violent World

An active shooter situation is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening scenario where an individual is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a public setting. It’s a terrifying situation that can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. However, it’s essential to be proactive and aware of your surroundings, which is where situational awareness comes in.

By recognizing potential threats before they escalate, you can take action and avoid becoming a victim.

Remember, the key is to be prepared before the bang and have a plan in place. Run, hide, or fight are the three recommended actions you can take in an active shooter situation, and knowing what to do can make all the difference

Stay aware, stay safe, and together, we can prevent tragedies from happening.

Active Shooter Assessment and Awareness Course

When it comes to training for an active shooter situation, there are six key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s all about situational awareness. Knowing your surroundings and being alert to any potential threats can make all the difference in keeping yourself and others safe. And remember, preparation is key. Don’t wait until the “bang” to figure out what to do. Take the time to come up with a plan and practice it regularly. Another important aspect of active shooter training is the “Run Hide Fight” approach. These three simple words can be a lifesaver in the event of an attack. Finally, make sure to stay calm and focused during the situation. This can be hard to do, but with practice and preparation, it becomes easier. Bottom line, with the right mindset and training, you can increase your chances of surviving an active shooter situation.

Course is a single day-6 hour event

Course Outline and Concentrations

Instructor Presentations

  • Introductions
  • Master Pabuaya (Sight beyond Sight)
  • Master Dacascos (Seeing the Strike)
  • Sigung Harflinger (Listen to the Story)
  • Professor Napoleon (Ground & Pound)

Scenario Course Work

  • What is “What If?”
  • Short Form Conflict
  • Perimeters to Pursue
  • Man Down
  • NBC is not on TV

Group Recruitment

  • Know your Role
  • Know your Neighbor
  • Know your Strengths
  • Know your Drills
  • Trust your Team

Assess and Identify Drills

  • Angry Ires
  • Serious Syntax
  • Body Language
  • Packs & Predators
  • Outlines of Aggresion

Knowing the Zones

  • Between You & Me
  • Critical Distance
  • Casualty radius
  • Circles of Influence
  • Room by Room

Trauma and Triage

  • Vital Signs
  • Vital Targets
  • Vital Times
  • Vital Vibrations

Written or Online Testing

At the conclusion of the course there is a mandatory written or online test which will be assessed and scored, compiled and delivered to the client upon completion with any other additional requested certificates of completion.

Individual & Organization Completion Certificates upon a passing grade

All passing grades have the opportunity for a hard copy certificate of completion upon request.

Annual Recertification Subscription (Reccomended)

The I.K.A revises and revamps their ACTIVE SHOOTER CERTIFICATION annually because threats evolve and so do we, inquire about subscribing to our annual recertification program.

Knowledge is POWER

Listen to your Sixth Sense

Six Skills That Can Keep You Safe

  1. Awareness is Key: Just like a eagle soaring in the sky, always aware of its surroundings, you too must cultivate a heightened sense of awareness. Can you imagine what the bird sees from up there? The vast landscape, the tiny details – nothing escapes its keen gaze. Similarly, be vigilant about your environment. Recognize the signs of potential danger, such as unusual behavior or unattended bags. It’s not about living in fear, it’s about being prepared, isn’t it?
  1. Run, Hide, Fight, In That Order: Picture yourself as a gazelle in the wild, faced with a predator. What do you do first? You run! If escape is impossible, you hide. And if discovered, you fight. This is your natural survival instinct kicking in. In an active shooter situation, this sequence – Run, Hide, Fight – can be your life-saving mantra.
  1. Silence is Golden: Imagine you’re a mouse hiding from a prowling cat. Your life depends on absolute silence. In an active shooter situation, silence your phone, avoid making noise, and stay quiet until help arrives. This could make the difference between staying hidden or being found.
  1. Communication is Crucial: Ever noticed how bees communicate with each other to protect their hive? Similarly, if you see something, say something. Alert authorities if you notice anything suspicious, and once you’re safe, inform them about the situation – how many shooters, their location, weapons, etc. In the chaos, your information could be a beacon of light guiding them to resolve the situation quickly.
  1. Hands Up and Open: Picture a surrendering pirate on a ship, hands raised high and open to show he means no harm. If you find yourself face-to-face with law enforcement, show your hands and follow their instructions to ensure they know you’re not a threat.
  1. Self-Care After the Event: After a storm, doesn’t the sun shine brighter? Once you’re safe, remember to take care of your mental health. It’s okay to seek help, talk about your experience, and give yourself time to heal. You’ve been through a lot, and it’s important to acknowledge that and take steps towards healing.




The International Kajukenbo Association “Survival Series”

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Bring our Experts to You

Experienced Instructors

Picture of Master Sonny Pabuaya

Master Sonny Pabuaya

Master Instructor

Picture of Professor Kevin Napoleon

Professor Kevin Napoleon

Master Instructor- HPD- S.W.A.T Team Commander 2024

Picture of Senior Grand Master Al Dacascos

Senior Grand Master Al Dacascos

Dacascos Tactical Systems-Urban Assault Specialist

Picture of Sigung Sean Harflinger

Sigung Sean Harflinger

Master Instructor-Former Marine-CEO

Certified Instruction

  • All instructors are annually certified and tested for quality assurance.
  • All instructors pass a rigorous state, national and international background and reference check. 
  • All instructors pass an annual health screening.
  • Every instructor is trained in diversity awareness and are trained to be trauma informed.
  • Certified Instruction with integrity, knowledge and accountability

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