Weapons Kata (Forms)

Weapons Kata

Rules and Regulations


Only traditional weapons are allowed, No music or acrobatic/gymnastic like movements (including but not
limited to, flips pr ticks, cartwheels, handsprings, and aerials allowed.
• If the competitor drops or shows lack of control over the weapon, including entering the ring, greeting the
judges and leaving the ring they will be stopped and given an incomplete score. Incomplete scores will be scored between 9.5 & 9.6


1. Each competitor when called will approach the judges with a bow, state their name and name of form
and step back to their starting point in the ring.

2. After completion, the competitor holds their position in the ring until
after the judges have scored and center judge dismisses.

3. The first and second competitor will complete their form before any score is given, depending on number of competitors in the ring.

4. TIE SCORES: If a tie occurs, the competitor must do a form as a tiebreaker. This may be the same form or a different one. If a second tie occurs, the competitor must do a second form if they have one. 

5. STARTING OVER: If a competitor forgets their form or stops before completing their form, their score will
be accompanied by an incomplete designation. An incomplete form cannot win over a completed form. A
competitor will only be allowed one start over, but will be scored as an incomplete. Incomplete scores will be
designated between 9.50 and 9.60.

6. All Traditional kata and Traditional weapons kata shall be scored between 9.60 and 9.99 for all divisions

7. Point Deduction: During any Traditional form/kata or Traditional weapons kata, an overall point deduction of .05 will be assessed after all scores are finalized – for stepping out of the ring or weapon being out of the ring.

8. A .05 overall point deduction will result for each individual foul.

*If a traditional form/kata or traditional weapons competitor requests more space before the event begins, the arbitrator (Division Lead Judge) will make a final and binding decision at his discretion based on overall fairness to all competitors.

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