Point Sparring

Point Sparring

Rules and Regulations


1. all under rank child, Adult, & Jr. Black Belt matches 5 points or 2 min running time
2. Adult Black belts 5 points or -3 min running time
3. Only gear in good condition will be allowed.
4. Taped equipment will not be allowed.
5. Mandatory equipment must include: head gear, hand gear(no open fingers), foot gear, groin protector (for males) and mouth guard.
6. You will not be allowed to spar if you do not have all mandatory equipment.
7. Chest protectors & face masks
are strongly suggested!
8. Target areas: Legal target areas include: Front & sides of torso, (above belt), & head only. Illegal target areas include areas below the belt, throat, back and entire neck and face.

9. There is absolutely no contact to the face regardless if the opponent is wearing a face shield.

10. Contact: Light controlled contact to the legal target areas of the body is allowed for all divisions. Light tag contact to the head allowed.

11. Techniques: Legal techniques are any recognized martial arts that are done, with proper control, to a legal target area. Illegal techniques are any attack to non-target areas, open handed techniques (except knife hand and/or ridge hand) and blind techniques.

12. Absolutely no sweeps or takedowns of any kind allowed except the adult black belt division. points are scored when a legal technique is executed to a legal target with control.

13. Fouls: There are 3 levels of fouls: 1. Warnings, 2. Penalty Point, 3. Disqualification.
These result from excessive contact, contact to an illegal target area, going out of the ring, poor sportsmanship

14. Automatic disqualification will result from, but not limited to, causing severe injury or any bleeding to opponent caused by contact. *A majority must be had in case of a foul*

15. Scoring & Time: The matches will be 2 minutes running time or 5 points, whichever comes first. In the event of a tie, the match will continue to “Sudden Victory” where next point wins. 

16. Adult Black Belt division will be 5 points and 3 minutes running time.

17. One point will be awarded for hand and/or kick technique to a legal target area

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