There is No Spoon

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GM Daniel Barretto

There is No Spoon

There is often a debate about secret or hidden movements in martial arts. Personally, having a bit of experience in real combat street and otherwise Here is my take, for what is worth, this and a bag of chips might get you into a movie 🙂.
I’ve been teaching urban street tactics for a long time. Anytime I ask a guy about a fight he’s been in they always say, “but you know that block didn’t work quite that way, or that punch didn’t actually come like that” etc etc…
THAT is the key blunder that MOST martial artists make, especially new ones and folks that have NEVER been in any kind of altercation…NEVER TEY AND FIT AN ATTACK TO YOUR FAVORITE TECHNIQUE. ALWAYS ACCEPT THE ATTACK AND LET IT DICTATE YOUR MOVEMENTS.
Trying to execute your favorite techniques in conflict is FOLLY. It just won’t happen….back to the topic.
I don’t believe that there are any secret moves, there are no silver bullet moves as you have to take what your opponent gives you, particularly in combat, and unless choreographed, which is what we do at the dojo, the “secret” moves are simply a compilation of parts of several movements as combined by the limbic part of your brain.
That’s a mouthful, but RARELY and I mean VERY RARELY, does an opponent or opponents give you the exact feed that you practice in the studio…to think otherwise is foolish and dangerous.
I heard a guy say something that has stuck with me and has saved my ass many times. Because most of the time, I’m not and you won’t be the best in the room.
Good teachers focus on great mechanics of fighting GREAT teachers focus on the MENTALITY of fighting and reasonable mechanics…
Before you comment, think about that…you can be a great practitioner, but without heart, courage, mental fortitude and commitment, all you have is a shiny toolbox..
Sifu Al Dacascos drills into my head to this day…”I’d rather have 5 thugs on my side than 10 Blackbelt’s during a fight, because the 5 thugs will do whatever it takes to win, the Blackbelt’s will try to look pretty doing it”
I tell you who you want to be, the person that will do WHATEVER it takes to get home.
I’m ALWAYS the guy in the room that will do whatever it takes…train your mindset to that standard and I assure you, you don’t have to be Bruce Lee, just you with a will to survive.
If what I am saying is true, you already know all the secrets, after all, one cannot bend the rules of physics. So all the secrets are out…the real secret lives on the most important 6 inches of any battlefield, the ones between your ears.

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