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  1. Verified Instructor Listing
  2. Promoted Internationally
  3. Authenticated Background Check
  4. Trusted Source for Quality Free Lance Instructors
  1. Online Listing Support
  2.  Advertising Support
  3. Brand Support
  4. Monitization Support
  5. Seminar Support
  6. Teaching Support

Private Lesson Portal

Class & Brand Monitization

  1. Onsite Private Lesson Portal
  2. Sell Private Classes online
  3. International Clients
  4. Schedule Online Private Classes
  5. Create Extra Income
  1. Create Online Classes 
  2. Promote Events
  3. Pre Sell Tickets to Classes
  4. Create Branded Merchgandise
  5. Create a Reputation

Verified Seminar Listings

Instructor Exchange

  1. Join the Seminar Circuit
  2. Verified Instructor Pool
  3. Pre Sell Tickets
  4. Pre Sale Event Merchandise
  1. International Intructor Exchange
  2. International Event Registry
  3. Team up with other Instructors
  4. Build your “Dream Team” Seminar Event

Ala Cart Support Packages

Growth Management Opportunities

A MasterClass by the Masters

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