The Journey Begins

The Journey



Dates: 8th Dec to 13th Dec 2022

The Seminar for all Martial Arts Instructors & Fighters
(Juniors / Girls / Women / Men)
from 10 Years old and above.

A Kajukenbo Seminar in Kuwait for Street Fighting & Self Defense

Testing a New Constellation of our Fighters To BLACK BELT
 In the Presence of Experts in Martial Arts and Kajukenbo (Grand Masters and Professors & Sifu’s) from different countries Organized By Our IKA Organization 

Grand Masters and Judges

-Led By Our Head Senior:
-Senior Grand Master / Al Dacascos
-Testing Committee & Seminar:
– Grand Master / Dennis Guila
– Grand Master / Wally Estropia
– Grand Master / Doug Jones
– Grand Master / Emanuel Bettencourt
– Professor / Kevin Napoleon
– Sifu / Ali Hasson

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