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My philosophy as an Instructor

I believe that martial arts were made for war and out of necessity to defend ourselves as individuals, families, villages, communities, towns, cities, states and countries.
However, i feel that with knowing martial arts; That knowledge of how to harm or protect comes with a great deal of responsibility and requires control over ones self.
With this being said. I feel that the martial arts is not only a form of self-defense or combat, but a vehicle to self enlightenment, self empowerment and over all self mastery, additional to being a platform for understanding world truths and an arena to understanding and exercising universal laws.
I believe in utilizing the various martial arts as a base in life to creating a solid foundation for self cultivation and complementing that training with a variety of what i like to call positive fitness alternatives such as Weight lifting, Yoga, Body surfing, Hiking etc…
My goal for the future of the martial arts is to restore attention, interest and respect to the traditional martial arts so that the future generation of martial artists and fighters are young men and women that are well versed in the core values that the tradtional martial arts were known for and built upon, such virtues as discipline, sacrifice, loyalty, integrity, honor, compassion, and respect.

Training Highlights and History

School: Nakoa Maka’u’ole Martial arts academy
Instructor: Professor Antone Navas-Liptak
Style: Kenpo-Karate & Arnis de mano
Years of attendance: 2001-2006
Rank attained: 5th degree black belt
School: Dacascos Kung Fu academy 
Instructor: GM Al Dacascos
Style: Wun Hop Kuen Do & Doce Pares Escrima
Years of attendance: 2008-2013
-Burton Richardson of JKD Unlimited in Palolo
-Eric Guiang of Universal Kempo Karate  in Kailua
-Dong Zhengchen of Dong family tai chi chuan asssociation
-Bobby Maesaka of Sansei bu self defense in Kaneohe
-Mestre Kinha of Capoeira besouro in Kaneohe
-Burk Lee of House of thunder in Hilo
-Bob Smith of Smiths TKD & Pro Sport kickboxing in Kaneohe
-Jason Izaguirre of Kailua Gracie Jiujitsu in Kailua
-Nick Alocorn of Island Jiujitsu in Ewa Beach 
-Seng Au of Aus Shaolin arts society in China town
-Bernard Chong of Mande muda silat in Korea town
-Enrique or Ricans boxing in Kahaluu
-John divirgilio of Wing Chun Combatives Hawaii in Waimalu
-Wayde Ching of Wing Chun Combatives Hawaii in Waimalu
-Dennis Apeles of Cheuks Kung Fu academy in Ewa Beach


Picture of SGM Al Dacascos

SGM Al Dacascos

Kajukenbo-Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu

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