Tiger Bear Family Dojo

Tiger Bear Family Dojo

1727 Cherry Drive

Burlington , NC. 27215

United States


Carrie Lyon

2nd degree black belt with 30 years experiance.
American Combat Jujitsu
Neko Ryo Goshin Jujitsu

Our Team

Picture of Carrie Lyon

Carrie Lyon

Head Instructor

Our Classes


This School is Amazing

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Picture of Proffesor Earnie Cates

Proffesor Earnie Cates

10th Dan Judo
10th Dan Jujitsu

Picture of Professor Tony "The Bear" Maynard

Professor Tony "The Bear" Maynard

10th Dan American Combat Jujitsu
Founder of Sport Jujitsu

Picture of Wally J

Wally J

10th Dan Judo

Picture of Ernie Reyes Jr

Ernie Reyes Jr

Martial Arts Coach and Promoter

Picture of Senior Grand Master Al Dacascos

Senior Grand Master Al Dacascos

Founder -Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu

Our Philosophy

We believe chaos is the catalyst that causes so many opportunities for pain. Here at Tiger Bear family Dojo we want to help you train your Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve an anticipation towards the chaos that life intends

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