Training “To do List”

Training to do list.

Our everyday mind is what we make of it.


Our mind scape is that everyday reality you perceive and so why not include our mindset into our everyday training.

Here are the top 3 practices you can include to keep your everyday mindset moving forward.

Our first item.


What we see is often not reality and so seizing the narrative can be a powerful tool in your training and personal paradigm.

An example would be the overwhelming feeling of biting off more than you can chew and the perceptions of not meeting the goal promised.

Big bites can be a bit much but smaller bites still get the plate cleaned.

Breaking down the goal into smaller pieces can really alleviate the weight of hefty goals and help you pack away the perceptions that are weighing you down.

One step becomes Many.


The power of possibilities is pure and hope of new things is what drives power into passion. This creative superstorm is the lightening in your eyes and the reason many of us practice martial arts.

The attempt to control chaos is a legacy nearly everyone of us pursues and through this fist art we can search for possibilities together.

Within the vision of your dreams, hope is the light that leads you there.


What would the perceptions of possibility be without the heart to enjoy it all. Our third and most measured of practices of mindset is Grace.

The keeper of time, grace allows us to slow down and analyze, open up and feel the moment.

Think things through and wear another’s shoes.

Look at ourselves and others with compassion and stay that critical hand. Those discriminating thoughts that project the worst into the world are put on hold and dismissed when Grace occupies your “To do list”

This trinity is a triangle of mental and spiritual footwork meant to teach you a few more angles to add to your training.

Side step the onslaught of overwhelming goals, lack of inspiration and the critical projections of self by checking this list as often as possible.

What are my perceptions

What are my possibilities

What grace resides in this moment

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