The insight of foresight through hindsight.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and as we pursue perfection through this fist art the setbacks are what pushes us forward.

With every mistake another opportunity to learn is granted to those who make the wish to become better.

And well wishes of willpower is what we all want from the lessons learned from our mistakes.

The ability to learn and adjust our approach.

There are so many great lessons to learn from simply applying yourself to the process.

Through repetition this fist art leads to applied knowledge and muscle memory.

It also leads to the humble relationship we create within our own martial arts discipline.

“I can be better” is such a powerful mantra to manifest when a goal is placed before you.

“I wish to learn” is the mindset that evokes such wishes to be granted.

May every bruise, every band-aid, every set back and sore muscle grant you these wishes to become more and may you see all your wishes come true.

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