A Path Repeated

A path repeated

A path repeated creates a trail for others to follow. 

There are many times we feel the eyes of another upon us. That sixth sense beyond the tingle traveling down the back of your neck raises your awareness that you are the focus of another’s attention. 

Now that focus isn’t entirely up to you but what really matters is what you present to the world to focus upon. 

And that example is your everyday life, that resting face you make during traffic, the regimes and habits you have put power into. 

Your every move is the manual for others towards your success or the harbingers of what mistakes not to repeat. 

And within a world of trend, repetition is what builds a following. 

Within the Martial Arts we have so many opportunities for self growth and leadership

It is actually the experience of leading oneself towards actualization that can inspire others to follow and compel us to lead. 

The reward of repetition and the skill gained from loyal work. 

Let your character be the repeated inspiration others come to rely upon. 

Be the one who blazes bright trails for others to follow. 

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